Flight Deck Support is a leading company in the provision of worldwide Flight Services, specializing in non-commercial aircraft operations. For the last ten years, Flight Deck Support has moved aircraft all around the world in a very flexible, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Flight Deck Support (FDS) is a full-service, SPO organization. Our organizational structure ensures compliance with the EASA regulations, and we offer fully trained crews to perform Maintenance Check Flights, Ferry flights and all related flights on behalf of aircraft lessors, CAMO’s, MRO’s, banks and airlines worldwide.

Once an aircraft leaves an Air Operator Certificate (AOC), it is no longer compliant with regulations. Flight Deck Support understands that when operating an aircraft, Owners, Lessors, Assets Management Companies, CAMO’s, and MRO’s are all entitled to receive the same level of regulatory compliance, flight operation standard, operational integrity as provided by an AOC.

Flight Deck Support provides the same standard of flight operation of an AOC when conducting:

Flight Deck Support’s team is made of international airline and test pilots, all having extensive management experience, who know what it takes to move an aircraft under different Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Regulations.

Whatever the mission, Flight Deck Support will make it happen!